Guardian Owners


Below explains the process of being a guardian owner

A Guardian Owner is a person or family that takes on an adult dog or pup knowing it will return to us for 1 or 2 litters

The dog will remain in our name until it is desexed. 

The pup will be mated at its first season after 12 months of age.

The pup will return to us to be mated then come back again before the pups are due and stay until the puppies are weaned.

Whilst you dog is entire we are happy to board them free of charge anytime and assist with training and grooming.

The purchase price of the pup will be refunded after the first litter and a lump sum paid after the second litter. Or we can cover all ongoing expenses until the dog is desexed and transfered into your name.

If you are not wanting to commit to a dog full time due to travel or accomidation uncertainties we might be able to work with you so you get to be a part of one of our beautiful dogs life without the fulltime commitment.