I am a registered breeder of Mink, Sepia and Traditional Ragdolls.

The Ragdoll is an amazing animal, we have chosen our special cats as they are disease free with no health issues and very happy cats that have great temperaments.
Mink ragdolls have their colour all over their body not just on their points and they are born this colour. Their colour will darken as they age but all of the coat will darken. Minks also have amazing aqua eyes unlike the traditional that have amazing blue eyes.

The sepia is a darker more pronounced colour than the minks. They usually have green eyes. We are very proud to be the only breeder in Australia to have these stunning babies.  

Kittens Possible colours in future litters are Blue, chocolate, lilac, and seal in mitted, bi colour and points. In Mink, Sepia and traditional.

I send weekly photo updates of your kitten so you can see the colour develop and watch them grow.

If you are wanting a show or breeding quality we can certainly help you pick a suitable kitten. 

All kittens come with a special Diamonte collar with thier name on it and we will try to incorporate your favourite colour.

All of our kittens are clear of HCM and PKD.



Fudgey is a Chocolate Mink Queen



Meilo is a seal Mink King



 Daisey is a Lilac Mink Queen 



Halo is a Blue Mink Queen and is looking for her new home she is  3.5 years old $500-